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© 2019 by Christine Wang


*This is a non-commercial project of a graphic design student. It is not intended to represent The Body Shop brand in any way.*


Course | Nature Identity
Instructor | Hunter Wimmer
Category | Branding, Visual Strategy 

Objective | 

To rebrand a dead, dying or defunct brand. Based on the original essence of the brand, create a new strategy along with a compelling visual system to give
it a new life.

Approach  |

The Body Shop was founded by Anita Roddick in 1976. It's an ethical cosmetic brand that defends human rights, supports community fair trade, protects our planet, against animal testing, and activates self-esteem. However, the business slightly went off after the founder sold the company to a company who did animal testing on their products.


Instead of just taking care of one’s outward appearance, like using natural ingredients for skin care products, The new Body Shop plans to expand our natural ingredients initiative from skin care to health based on the same goodwill. We will apply eco-friendly practices in developing organic farms and other relevant extensions. We focus from personal care, our community to our environment with a holistic and balanced approach toward accomplishing our mission.